Conventional lights

  • ZYC29-1

    Luminaire for illumination of wet places like ship decks, with 2 pieces stainless steel 316 clips.



  • ZYC27-2 E/G(RVS)

    Double tube light luminaire which basically can be
    used everywhere. For instance, the illumination of
    workshops, engine rooms, storage spaces, etc.

  • ZYC48-2G

    This series of lights fit for illumination for the places of ships with water dripping, water spattering, water coagulating (such as weather place, such as oven cabin, dry cabin, tunnel, pipeline and weather deck etc.).


  • ZYP20-2E

    Recessed ceiling luminaire, suitable for accommodation areas, living areas, etc.



  • ZYP08-1A

    Small model tube light luminaire, which can be used as bedside light, desk light, etc. Standard type ZYT08-1A is with switch and socket.